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Staged in exceptional venues across the world’s top cities, our highly advanced conferences focus on three dynamic areas: Management Development, Building Business Connections and Knowledge Discovery. Focusing on case studies and real life experiences, each summit is designed to support your business success and provide the perfect environment for you to network with like-minded go-getters.

Past Summits

Big Data & AI Leaders Summit Sydney 2018

26 Apr 2018 – 27 Apr 2018


Join us at Australia's most exclusive and influential Big Data and AI conference, taking your place alongside more than 100 senior technology leaders and data strategists who are redesigning the future of information technology. The Big Data...

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Guest speakers include

  • Eric Charran

    Eric Charran

    Chief Architect

  • David Garvin

    David Garvin

    Global Head of Quantitative Analysis

  • Ashok Nair

    Ashok Nair

    Head of Data & Analytics

  • Usman Shahbaz

    Usman Shahbaz

    Head of Data Sciences & Data Analytics

  • Warwick Graco

    Warwick Graco

    Senior Director, Data Science

  • Scott Thomson

    Scott Thomson

    Lead, Customer Solutions & Innovation, APAC

  • Ric Clarke

    Ric Clarke

    Director, Emerging Data and Methods

  • Tony Gruebner

    Tony Gruebner

    GM Analytics, Insights & Modeling

  • Sveta Freidman

    Sveta Freidman

    Director, Data Analytics & Science

  • Luigi Barone

    Luigi Barone

    Former Chief Scientist

  • Ashkhen Zakharyan

    Ashkhen Zakharyan

    Manager, AI Music Composer

  • Tony Nolan

    Tony Nolan

    Lead Data Scientist

  • Ferhod Sarmed

    Ferhod Sarmed

    Director of Data and Analytics

  • Karthik Murugan

    Karthik Murugan

    Head of Customer Analytics

  • Peter McCallum

    Peter McCallum

    CEO, Causality

  • Neil Fraser

    Neil Fraser

    Director & Senior Lecturer, Data Science

  • Jaime Noda

    Jaime Noda

    Senior Business Architect, Data Strategy

Digital Marketing Leaders Summit Sydney 2018

26 Apr 2018 – 27 Apr 2018


Join us at Australia's most exclusive and influential Digital Marketing conference, taking your place alongside more than 100 senior marketers and Digital strategists over 2 days of networking and learning. Our Digital Marketing Leaders Summits...

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Guest speakers include

  • Elaine Herlihy

    Elaine Herlihy

    CMO, PayPal Australia

  • Susie Sugden

    Susie Sugden

    Chief Commercial Officer

  • Susie Bayes

    Susie Bayes

    Director, Brand Partnerships

  • Alice Almeida

    Alice Almeida

    Head of Digital Strategy

  • Jocelin Abbey

    Jocelin Abbey

    Head, ABC Marketing

  • Jonathan Williams

    Jonathan Williams

    Head of Marketing

  • Luke Bould

    Luke Bould

    Head of Commercial, Marketing & Digital

  • Nicole McInnes

    Nicole McInnes

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Paromita Mitra

    Paromita Mitra

    Head Of Digital Marketing, HP Omnichannel, South Pacific

  • Hugh Amoyal

    Hugh Amoyal

    Head of Customer Analytics

  • Michael Yang

    Michael Yang


  • Geoff Main

    Geoff Main

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Matt Daly

    Matt Daly

    Special Projects Lead

  • Joel Goodsir

    Joel Goodsir

    Head of Marketing

  • Karthik Murugan

    Karthik Murugan

    Head of Customer Analytics

  • Tim Rasbash

    Tim Rasbash

    Head of Influencer Marketing

  • William Wang

    William Wang

    Chief Marketing Strategist

  • Duncan Bendall

    Duncan Bendall


  • Mark Tovbis

    Mark Tovbis

    Customer Marketing Lead

  • Tony Hou

    Tony Hou

    Founder & Managing Director

  • Liam Carnahan

    Liam Carnahan

    Head of Content

Digital Marketing Leaders Summit Sydney 2019

27 Feb 2019 – 28 Feb 2019


Registration is now open to our 2020 Forward Marketing Summit Sydney! Click here to learn more (https://forwardleading.co.uk/summits/forward-marketing-summit-sydney-2020). .............................................................. Join us at...

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Guest speakers include

  • Kat Hartmann

    Kat Hartmann

    Head of Digital Optimisation & Content

  • Alice Williams

    Alice Williams

    Head of Commercial Content

  • Chris Taylor

    Chris Taylor

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Nicole McInnes

    Nicole McInnes

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Zac Reynolds

    Zac Reynolds

    Head of Creative & Content

  • Scott Gamble

    Scott Gamble

    Social Media Strategy Manager

  • Mark Tovbis

    Mark Tovbis

    Customer Marketing Lead

  • Levi Aron

    Levi Aron

    Country Manager

  • Taryn Williams

    Taryn Williams


  • Emily Primavera

    Emily Primavera

    Digital Marketing & Optimisation Manager

  • Nicholas Lembo

    Nicholas Lembo

    Country Manager/Head of Marketing Communications

  • Zoe Cocker

    Zoe Cocker

    Head of Brand

  • Claire Scapinello

    Claire Scapinello

    Head of Brand & Customer

  • Dan Richardson

    Dan Richardson

    Head of Data & Targeting

  • Cam McNeill

    Cam McNeill

    Country Manager

  • Jade Dunwoody

    Jade Dunwoody

    Head of Social

Big Data & AI Leaders Summit Sydney 2019

27 Feb 2019 – 28 Feb 2019


Registration is now open to our 2020 Forward Marketing Summit Sydney! Click here to learn more (https://forwardleading.co.uk/summits/forward-marketing-summit-sydney-2020). .............................................................. Australia's...

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Guest speakers include

  •  Mohammad Shokoohi-Yekta

    Mohammad Shokoohi-Yekta

    Senior Data Scientist

  • Steven Wyer

    Steven Wyer

    Group Head of Data Management & Strategy

  • Prakash Kuttikatt

    Prakash Kuttikatt

    Head of Data & Analytics

  • Tim Freestone

    Tim Freestone

    Head of Data Analytics

  • Rocky Scopelliti

    Rocky Scopelliti

    Director, Centre for Industry 4.0

  • Kshira Saagar

    Kshira Saagar

    Group Director of Data Science and Analytics

  • Trung Nguyen

    Trung Nguyen

    Principal Data Scientist

  • Richard Cartwright

    Richard Cartwright

    Director, Speech Analytics

  • Michal Szczecinski

    Michal Szczecinski

    Head of Analytics and Data Science

  • Miguel Jesus

    Miguel Jesus

    Chief Data Officer

  • Jonny Ayres

    Jonny Ayres

    Head of Data Privacy, Australia & New Zealand

  • Henrik Petander

    Henrik Petander

    Chief Data Scientist

  • Dan Gooden

    Dan Gooden

    Data Lead

  • Milly Kc

    Milly Kc

    Lead Data Scientist

  • Yalchin Oytam

    Yalchin Oytam

    Principal Biostatistician & Lead of Health Analytics Capability

  • Christopher Nheu

    Christopher Nheu

    Head of Product

  • Steve Nouri

    Steve Nouri

    Head of Data Science

  • Melanie Marks

    Melanie Marks


  • Shyam Sundar

    Shyam Sundar

    Regional Director, APJ

Forward Marketing Summit Sydney 2020

26 Feb 2020 – 27 Feb 2020


Forward Marketing Summit is Australia's leading conference where the greatest innovators of marketing, data and technology converge! Our previous Sydney events have proved extremely popular, and the 2020 summit will be bigger than ever – as we...

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Guest speakers include

  • Malcolm Wanstall

    Malcolm Wanstall

    Head of Analytics, Digital & Big Data

  • Melissa Laurie

    Melissa Laurie

    Principal Client Partner, APAC Media

  • Tim Groves

    Tim Groves

    Senior Manager, Marketing Technology

  • Tim Ryder

    Tim Ryder

    Marketing Director, Oceania

  • Caroline Hugall

    Caroline Hugall

    Group Brand Strategy Director

  • Caroline Jee

    Caroline Jee

    Head Of Ecommerce (Pure Players)

  • Michelle Francis

    Michelle Francis

    Head of Digital Strategy

  • Euan Fisher

    Euan Fisher

    Product Data Director

  • Angus Jones

    Angus Jones

    Former Chief Marketing Officer

  • Karl Galea

    Karl Galea

    Head of Customer Experience Strategy

  • Josh Slighting

    Josh Slighting

    Head of Data and Digital Audience

  • Simon Belousoff

    Simon Belousoff

    Head of Personalisation (Customer Transformation)

  • Christopher Hatfield

    Christopher Hatfield

    Head of eBusiness

  • Kim Jerbo

    Kim Jerbo

    Digital Creative Director

  • Lawrence Mitchell

    Lawrence Mitchell

    Chief Customer Officer

  • Ian Evans

    Ian Evans

    Head of Data, Analytics & Insights

  • Marianne Mewett

    Marianne Mewett

    Head of Digital

  • Emily Jade Shum

    Emily Jade Shum

    Director, eCommerce

  • Kevin Azzopardi

    Kevin Azzopardi

    Head Of Marketing

  • Natalie Miller

    Natalie Miller

    Head of Brand & Communications

  • Steffen Daleng

    Steffen Daleng

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Ramona Roach

    Ramona Roach

    Head of Governance, Quality and Compliance

  • Renaud Frisé

    Renaud Frisé

    Head of Digital

  • Samantha Bartlett

    Samantha Bartlett

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Jethro Grainger-Marsh

    Jethro Grainger-Marsh

    Head of Digital and Marketing

  • Priya Kanniappan

    Priya Kanniappan

    Head of Retention Marketing

  • Kshira Saagar

    Kshira Saagar

    Group Director of Data Science and Analytics

  • Melanie Duca

    Melanie Duca

    Head of Digital & Operations

  • Morgwn Shaw

    Morgwn Shaw

    Associate Director - Digital Marketing Specialist

  • Gary Anderson

    Gary Anderson

    Head Of Customer Experience

  • Suibhne Cullen

    Suibhne Cullen

    Technical Director, Digital Lead ANZ

  • Ryan Menezes

    Ryan Menezes

    Head of Digital & Commerce

  • Penny Parkinson

    Penny Parkinson

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Natalie Sarich-Dayton

    Natalie Sarich-Dayton

    Director Sales and Marketing

  • Louise Cummins

    Louise Cummins

    Marketing & Digital Innovations Director

  • Mona Lolas

    Mona Lolas

    Board Director

  • V (Virge) Nielsen

    V (Virge) Nielsen

    Head of Digital Marketing Solutions

  • Emily Murren

    Emily Murren

    Director, Consumer Marketing

  • Matthew Copus

    Matthew Copus

    Director, Head of Analytics, Australia

  • Rupesh Mahto

    Rupesh Mahto

    Director, Digital Transformation, Emerging Technology

  • Ankit Kapoor

    Ankit Kapoor

    Digital Product Owner

  • Shayne Brian

    Shayne Brian

    Director of Voice - Podcast Training, Production and Distribution

  • Alexander Meyer

    Alexander Meyer

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Tim Johnston

    Tim Johnston

    Marketing Director

  • Jeff Harrison

    Jeff Harrison

    Head of Insights

  • Louise Sheerin

    Louise Sheerin

    Head of Marketing

  • Sarah Roberts

    Sarah Roberts

    Global Head of Marketing and Communication

  • Tim Burdon

    Tim Burdon

    Head of Acquisition Strategy and Marketing

  • Alastair Liptrot

    Alastair Liptrot

    Head of Insights and Category Development

  • Jonathan Mandel

    Jonathan Mandel

    Head of Digital Commercial

  • Lokesh Thondavada

    Lokesh Thondavada

    Head of Client Engagement

  • Craig O'Donnell

    Craig O'Donnell

    Head of Digital

  • Nick Barnett

    Nick Barnett

    Former Director, Digital & Media Technology

  • Robin Marchant

    Robin Marchant

    Head of Marketing, APAC

  • Gavin Whyte

    Gavin Whyte

    Honorary Adjunct Fellow at UTS, Senior Scientist working with Deloitte's actuarial team

  • John Clay

    John Clay


  • Kat Warboys

    Kat Warboys

    Head of Marketing, ANZ

  • Yusuf Pingar

    Yusuf Pingar

    Head of Marketing

  • Chris Moore

    Chris Moore

    Sales Director

  • Peter Drinkwater

    Peter Drinkwater

    Group CEO

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  • I enjoyed the Summit. Speakers were fantastic - knowledgeable, engaging, from a diverse range of industries, and nice mix of B2C + B2B which is rare. Many thanks for having me along for the two days definitely on my radar for next year

    ­Deanie Sultana, Nielson, Singapore

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