Zubair Mukadam

A radical marketer who implements optimal Digital techniques to connect Brands with Humans.

Zubair has worked at the intersection of strategy, creative, media, technology and business since 1999. An EMBA graduate specialized in Marketing. Combining his digital development experience with digital marketing capabilities has led him to be a holistic digital marketing strategist who can also manage digital implementations. He has led many organizations to achieve their digital transformation agenda. His curiosity for innovation led him to pioneer some of the latest of the time e.g. IOT, Social Media, Marketing Automation, Programmatic, e-Commerce, CRM, etc.

Currently he focuses on optimizing the digital performance across all touchpoints covering the entire customer journey: Acquisition, Engagement, Conversion and Post-Conversion. A complete aficionado of data; knows how to use data to optimize performance and augment user experience and journeys. Also believes that through data partnership, brands can create meaningful experiences for the consumers and he is currently negotiating such partnerships.


The Rise Of The Customer Data Platform And What It Means For Your Business

  • What is CDP? Also known as Marketing Data Platform
  • The aim of the CDP is to bring together all customer data and stitch the data together into unified customer profiles.
  • How CDP provides the “marketing brain” to allow for smarter campaigns
  • How CDP provides the key to comprehensive data-driven marketing, a very attractive marketing concept where all your customer data is combined for marketing (and other) uses
  • Use CDP to decide on the right segments, user journeys, messages, channels, and timings (while validating hypotheses, doing A/B tests etc.) to improve CLV and prevent churn
  • Could CDP be the answer to key organization questions such as calculating CLV, Omni-Channel Marketing, Channel Attribution?
  • Is it just a database or a delivery platform too?
  • Is it different than a DMP?
  • Can it help me create personalized experiences?
  • Can CDP enable Moments Marketing to create the extra-ordinary experiences?

Panel Discussion: What’s new, what’s next, and what’s essential for content marketing success?

-How to win with personalisation: adding value to consumers with curated content

-Bringing narratives to life: insights on storytelling and strategy

-Growth by content: driving massive traffic without a big budget

-Omni-Channel Content Marketing: how can brands expand their content horizons?

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