Yew Wai Kong

Yew began his dynamic career in Ernst & Young management consulting and joined the fast growing e-commerce & startup scene with Groupon and subsequently helped build start-ups and now Fave. He speaks 5 languages and has worked in 3 countries (Malaysia, Singapore & Indonesia).

Prior to joining KFIT founding team; Yew Wai led Groupon APAC's Business Intelligence team for 2 years. As KFIT grew from KL to across 8 countries and 12 cities, Yew Wai helped the business expansion through various roles (business development, CRM & management). He was then actively involved in the business pivot from KFIT to Fave - a multi category loyalty and rewards platform. As part of pivot, Yew Wai was managing the Groupon Indonesia acquisition & rebranding by Fave Group and subsequently leading Fave Indonesia till today.


Building a Start-Up to Become a Household Name

“Google it.” “Can you pass me some Kleenex?”

These are just a couple of examples of how brand names have been worked into our common vocabularies. When people ask for a Kleenex, they usually just mean they want a tissue, but because the Kleenex brand is so popular, we’ve started conflating the popular brand name with the object itself.

Yew will discuss what techniques and strategies brands use to achieve this.

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