Yara Paoli

Yara Paoli leads Skyscanner’s global growth and marketing strategy. A marketing professional and consultant with more than 11 years of experience specialising in online business localisation and development, Yara’s areas of expertise cover growth, marketing strategy, paid media, mobile marketing, campaigns management and content flow optimisation. She holds a first-class Honours degree in Psychology with a focus on the psychology of perception and the social psychology of music. Yara also holds a Master's degree in media and communication with a specialisation in radio marketing and music business. She also has a strong passion for the radio business, both in the areas of creative production and marketing.


New Customers

In this presentation Yara will introduce their view of new customers and what they want, and how Skyscanner address the challenges brought up by new customers with technologies like chat and voice bots, personalised and relevant content etc. Yara also will introduce Skyscanner's journey from a traditional organisation to a growth organisation with culture of innovation and experimentation instilled.

by Vice President,skyscanner

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