Yalchin Oytam

Yalchin is a creative senior data scientist focused on realising the full potential of big data for evidence-based decision making, both in science and business. He has developed and implemented innovative solutions to mathematical and technical challenges unique to big data. He is the primary developer of Harman batch noise removal software, which eliminates a fundamental limitation in high-throughput datasets, and has outperformed the industry standard in benchmark tests. Using data linkage, Yalchin has produced analytical reports for NSW Ministry of Health on the impact of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) on service utilisation. Yalchin has a broad formal education and research activity including other computational fields and humanities. He is able to clearly and effectively translate technical findings to a non-technical audience. He has represented CSIRO at Science Meets Parliament, and contributed to a senate inquiry on innovation and technology.


The Power of Data Science for Life Rewriting

Yalchin will introduce as the Analytics Capability Lead how in his job business intelligence has been used to support reporting on NDIS and other major medical initiatives, development and implementation of real-time predictors for hospital management, etc.

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