Uday Krishna

Uday is a data professional with Capital One and a M.S in Information Science from University of Michigan – Ann Arbor (where he was exposed to data science and machine learning). At Capital One he’s been exposed to Digital data and People data in Digital Analytics and People Analytics respectively. He’s currently working on independent research projects on secondary data, filing patents and a bot startup in the enterprise productivity space. He is interested in presenting a hands-on workshop on AWS services (or Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure), plug and play services in the AI space. The audience is the non-tech audience who wants to build something quickly leveraging the AI as a service option of AWS as well as tech audience who want to automate the prototyping of commonplace AI applications.

To connect with Uday please reach at ukrizna@umich.edu or phone number +1-734-383-8492.


Bots for Enterprise Productivity

by Senior Digital Data Analyst, Capital One

While the world is mostly focused on customer service part of the bot or bots solving mechanical issues, bots can significantly eliminate or reduce work for even a knowledge worker. A leader or a manager instead of digging down a report or deck or tapping on the shoulder of a junior analyst, could ask questions to a bot and get answers immediately – 24x7. This has immense cost and time savings for an organization. The bot would store the collective enterprise intelligence and be directly talking to the different databases. Leaders and managers could interact with the bots using chat, SMS, Email or Call. The talk will touch upon the need and applications of such a bot (within an enterprise), a cloud-based technical architect/,ture of the system and an early prototype demo that will showcase the possibilities of such a bot in an enterprise.

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