Torbjorn Dimblad

With over two decades of delivering technology solutions across the Telecommunication, Finance and Logistics industries, Torbjorn brings extensive experience in applying technology to advance business strategy, sales and operations. He has held key management positions at IBM, PricewaterhouseCoopers and BearingPoint where he forwarded technological development for global leaders including AT&T & IKEA. During his tenure as Head of Systems and Supply Chain Solutions at the global shipping and logistics leader WWL, Torbjorn was a key driver behind the development of analytics and operations research platforms to enhance supply chain efficiency and operational excellence. Torbjorn is currently CTO at, a disruptive real estate platform for the Asia brokerage industry.


How Blockchain will Disrupt the Real Estate Industry

In this presentation, Torbjorn, the CTO of, will explore how technology is already disrupting the real estate industry and how new blockchain technologies have the potential to transform the way people do business in this industry. The presentation will explain how blockchain and smart contracts will decentralize traditional models for real estate transactions, ownership, record keeping, and finance. Find out where the opportunities are in this disruptive new environment.

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