Tien Nguyen

Tien Nguyen is the Chief Technology Officer at Wego. Tien is a seasoned technical leader, motivated to harness technology to improve people’s lives. At Wego, he is tasked with crafting innovative technology products that make a meaningful difference to travellers and other company stakeholders. As the CTO of Wego, he works towards nurturing and managing a talented engineering team. And in the last eight years, he has been part of the transformative journey that has made Wego the #1 travel metasearch in the Middle East and a profitable business. He started his stint at Wego as a Senior Software Engineer, in 2010, and has steadily worked his way up the ranks. He loves to travel, mentor people, and write code, which makes him the perfect fit for his current role in the online travel industry.


Building a Truly Data Driven Culture - The Ingredients

We use data for everything from making informed decision to building new AI-powered product features. I am going to talk about what enabled us to innovate and the journey to build a truly data driven culture.

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