Susie Sugden

Susie Sugden is Chief Commercial Officer at Temple & Webster, Australia's leading online retailer of furniture and homewares, where she looks after retail merchandising and website management. Susie has held leadership roles in online and offline retail across Australasia and is a specialist in digital marketing and merchandising for online retailers. Prior to Temple & Webster, Susie led a number of eCommerce and marketing businesses in Indonesia, including as co-founder of Lazada Indonesia, Indonesia's biggest e-commerce site (acquired by Alibaba in 2016) and, a leading online fashion retailer. Susie commenced her career in retail at the Boston Consulting Group and has been recognised for her impact on the industry in both Australia and Southeast Asia. She was the first foreign entrepreneur selected for Endeavor Indonesia and she has been recognised by Advance Australia as a young leader in technology.


Growing marketing ROI by working across the whole business

Marketing efficiency isn't just about Adwords clicks and SEO optimisation. Often the biggest impact can come from understanding the customer journey and and working across the whole business to remove pain points, increase conversions, and ultimately improve marketing ROI. Susie will discuss some of the most critical customer feedback for any digital business - its conversion funnel. Using case studies, she will show how consumer behaviour trends can be used to prioritise improvements from merchandising and operations and drive ROI improvements and long term value for the business as a whole.

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