Susie Bayes

Following a psychology degree with a decade in marketing and strategy, Susie joined Guardian Australia's content partnership team Guardian Labs in 2014 to help brands create partnerships which authentically connect with the Guardian's audience. As a Board Member for the Banksia Foundation, she is passionate about helping brands achieve success demonstrating that they share readers' core values and by communicating their commitment to better business.

As the Guardian's Brand Partnerships Director, Susie creates content & event partnerships, with global brands like Philips, local giants like Optus and purpose driven brands such as Powershop. She has seen the success of brands in the UK & US who have evolved their brand messaging to show their positive impact and is keen to help Australian brands benefit from bringing this thinking into their businesses.


Conscious Communications - leveraging value from purpose-driven content

Consumers are increasingly demanding that brands stand for something more than just profit and purpose-driven brands are consequentially growing faster than the norm*. Most brands already have CSR efforts that they can leverage to connect more deeply with their audience & see a better return on existing marketing investment. This session looks at the benefits of connecting purpose to your marketing & the golden rules of creating content that will deepen your brand's relationship with its audience.

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