Steven Wyer

Steve is an IT and Data veteran with rich experience in leading data and analytics team across many industries. He is always actively and continually seeking opportunities to develop new ideas, improve on existing processes and, most importantly, work on fast-paced, innovative projects with people who want to make a difference.Steve is an entrepreneur, an autodidact and always seeking fresh challenge.


Panel Discussion: Data Governance for Commercial Success

Right data management not only gets things done, but also is the key to commercial success. This panel discussion will bring together data governors and IT leaders to explore: - What is the right data culture? - How do you cultivate your team? - How does right data governance drive up commercial performance? - How to prepare your data and analytics team for the arrival of Artificial Intelligence? - Data management, strategy and security

Fireside Chat with Prakash and Steve: Transformation and Growth

As Head of Data & Analytics of Commonwealth Bank, Prakash is responsible for driving transformational change in management decisioning and self service analytics across the organisation at all levels of management. And Steve is the Group Head of Data Management and Strategy at Woolworths Group and has a wealth of experience having built data analytics/engineering functions across 4 continents and 3 regulators; his focus now is the establish of a Groupwide data standards with a focus on global privacy trends and low impact mitigation to support innovation and growth.

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