Sebastian Beja

Sebastian is a guacamole lover with an obsession of finding patterns. His way of changing the world is by helping parents create online income to be more present with their kids. Sebastian is the Head of Growth Platforms of the #1 personal growth company in the world where the team grew their organic traffic from nothing to 350k visits/month in just 11 months and added in less than 6 months more than 250k Youtube subscribers and more than 50 million views on their Youtube channel. He's been featured giving advice in the #1 platform for exponential business growth in the US, where companies like Airbnb, Uber, Spotify get their advice from. He has spoken in the largest entrepreneurial festival in Latin America, where speakers like Sir. Richard Branson and Jeremy Gustache have spoken. If you want to succeed in marketing today, you need to stop being boring 97% of the time and start being amazing 3% of the time!


How to Grow Your Business Without Having to Spend so Much Money on Ads

by Sebastian Beja, Head of Growth Platforms, Mindvalley

In this presentation, Sebastian will share a framework developed by Mindvalley that treats social platforms as search engines. He will also discuss how you can leverage the biggest video search engine in the world to grow your business and how to convert those subscribers, views and traffic effectively.

Panel Discussion: The Secrets Behind the Best User Acquisition Strategies

This panel will examine how to develop User Acquisition strategies including: - Analysing data, automation, personalisation, brand awareness, SEO, Vitality, Content & partnerships - Turning Users into Customers - How do we use desktop and mobile, a/b testing, social and followups, email marketing strategies to nurture leads, understand customer journeys, personalisation for conversion, deals and promotions, simplifying checkouts - How to retain and nurture customers -- Can automation help build customer relationships? Using Predictive analytics to understand customer movements and experiences, customer service strategies, and to continually listen to customers.

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