Samir Rath

Samir Rath is the co-founder and CEO of BlueFire AI, a capital markets intelligence firm, defining the leading edge for application of AI in institutional investments globally. Prior to Blue Fire AI, Samir helped build the Asian business of one of the world's largest algorithmic trading companies subsequently listed on the NYSE. He is a published author with his book "No Startup Hipsters" being ranked no.4 for entrepreneurship on Amazon in 2014 and circulated across 80 countries. He started his career in Monetary Authority of Singapore as a macroeconomist. He is educated from Brown University (USA), Austin Centre for Design (USA), Swiss Finance Institute (Switzerland) and Nanyang University (Singapore).


AI in Institutional Investments

We are now at the start of a significant change in how technology will be applied to Institutional Investing. So far all the innovation had been focused on structured data, pricing, and execution. Most of these calculations were performed using traditional database technologies and statistics. Technology has progressed enough across other industries to be able to deal with huge variety, velocity and volume of data in a cheap and efficient way. We are at the cusp of an exponential change now.

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