Rohit Mulani

Rohit is a strategy consultant with an entrepreneurial edge. He has helped several technology companies to launch new markets, new business units and scale existing business units. He specialises in strategy and execution of building and marketing web properties. He brings a big-picture perspective to growth of business and utilises a data-driven approach to designing and optimising conversion funnels. His key areas of competencies include paid acquisition, engineering virality and data analysis. His work with companies have spanned pivoting product, testing and validating acquisition channels, measuring conversion rates across customer funnels and setting up feedback loops between marketing, product and strategy.


Growth Hacking Deconstructed

by Growth Lead, Voyagin

With a range of startup experiences spanning across industries (e-commerce, finance, travel, software, f&b & logisitics), Rohit will be speaking about the commonalities between the approaches taken to grow these companies through various stages. Covering growth hacking principles popularised by Silicon Valley behemoths, Rohit will share his experiences with a data-driven marketing approach and the build-measure-learn loop. This will cover the processes of hypothesis generation, validation, experimentation and iteration- to 'hack' growth as a team or business unit and achieve exponential growth of your product or service.

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