Phil Ingram

Phil is a marketing director with 29 years experience, eight in publishing and 21 in various sales and marketing roles that have led him to a global marketing position with a leading luxury tour operator in the travel industry. He has lived in London, New York and Hong Kong, generated profits for start-ups and publicly traded global organisations alike. He is a successful entrepreneur who has co-created and successfully sold his own company.

His specialities are strategic marketing, digital and social marketing, operations and process management, people and performance management, strategic direction and strategy implementation.


How Knowing the Steps Doesn't Mean Growing Your Brand

by Phil Ingram, Vice President, Marketing, Remote Lands

As marketers, we all know that SEM, social media optimisation, brand development etc are essential to the growth of a company. But what are the steps to take once you are aware of these components? This talk will discuss the pivotal steps necessary to ensure you don't miss out on all the marketing opportunities open to your brand.

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