Natalia Chow

With over 14 years of sales and marketing experience, Natalia Chow has contributed to the successes of many companies. She is specialised in business development and major market expansion. She communicates a clear, strategic sales vision, effectively training and coaching both experience and New Sales team members with proven track of achievement. She has experience in various industries that have helped her to shape her sales and leadership skills. She started her career in the banking & finance industry, with Citibank, danamon, Barclays, Trimegah asset management until she was involved in the property industry and financial technology industry. Armed with certified Inter


The First Financial Technology Cooperative in Indonesia will become the first digital transformation project that will create the new smart migration system between investors and the millennial in financial technology sector in Indonesia. brings together capital owners and small business owners, where capital owners can participate advancing the small and medium business sector.

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