Mert Sanver

Mert Sanver is an engineering leader at Spotify. He has managed teams in the areas of marketing technology, feature and audience stores, and machine learning infrastructure. Prior to joining Spotify, Mert led engineering teams at Facebook, Google, and Netflix. His work has been especially influential in the development of machine learning based advertising technology. He has made significant contributions to the industry in the areas of marketing automation, ads ranking, personalization, and experimentation. Mert has published papers in the fields of large scale data management, fraud detection, recommendation systems, and adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference. He has been invited to speak at various universities and has given numerous talks at international conferences. Mert is a Stanford Alumni. He is based in New York City.

Upcoming talks

Marketing Technology Infrastructure: Driving Growth with Automated and Orchestrated Digital Marketing

Digital advertising platforms significantly transformed the marketing landscape and the types of decisions marketers need to make to optimize their business outcomes. Today’s marketers need an effective system to make millions of automated decisions to tailor their content for highly fragmented segments of customers. An optimal strategy often includes near real-time selection of the right audience and channel for a large number of personalized marketing campaigns. This requires the usage of intelligent systems and technical capabilities to enable automated systems to operate at scale. Spotify builds it’s ads and marketing technology stack leveraging the data and machine learning infrastructure foundations. Marketing technology infrastructure elevates the scale and effectiveness of marketing automation efforts by providing abstractions of common algorithmic and technological tasks across the board.

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