Meri Rosich

Dr. Rosich has worked with great teams globally, based in the USA, Europe and for the past 12 years in Asia, working for American Express, Samsung , Docomo and VISA.

Her interests are centered around digital transformation and how successful organizations are using data science to reinvent their businesses; how tech leaders develop and implement omnichannel data strategies to make better decisions; and how Smart Cities are using ML and AI to solve problems that matter.

She is a lifelong learner, educated in Innovation with a Ph.D. summa cum laude in Tech Strategy VR, an MA (Hons) in Arts from the University of Barcelona; an MBA from the London Business School; and Certificates from MIT on Data, Six Sigma Consulting Project Champion, Accounting, and Entrepreneurship from Deusto University. She continues to learn by writing for CIO Magazine on Digital Business Transformation and teaching executive MBAs tech innovation courses such as "Leading Big Data Strategy", "Global Management" and "Fintech & Blockchain".


Not Just About Technology - Making the Right Culture and Strategy for ML/AI Transformation

by CDO, VP & Head of Data Science, Visa

As Head of Data Science Asia Pacific, Dr. Rosich is leading a team data scientists, data analysts and statisticians and coaching them to continue to drive business transformation with advanced data solutions and develop a culture of learning that accelerates change.

She will share that overriding AI and machine learning trends is not just about technology advancement, but team culture, data strategy and a lot more.

Making the Right Culture for ML/AI Transformation

by Meri Rosich

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