Kshira Saagar

Kshira Saagar (Shee-Raa Sa-Ga) has been with the Analytics/Decision Sciences industry for almost a decade now having worked across Americas, Asia, Europe and more importantly Australia. The bulk of his work has been focussed on developing solutions for the Digital Analytics problem spaces of the Retail, Telecom and Insurance marketing departments at some of the leading Fortune 100 clients. In his other roles, he has enabled decision making through data for clients from the Media, Healthcare, Aviation, Logistics and FMCG organisations.

In his current role at The Iconic, as the Head of Analytics and Data Sciences, he's responsible for understanding and enabling data driven decision making across the whole business via a cross-functional team set-up.


The ICONIC's Real-Time Real-Problem Solution

In this presentation Kshira will share the inspiring work done by some of the smartest folks in the THE ICONIC data science team - building real-time streaming data pipelines that works seamlessly.

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