Kat Hartmann

Kat helps brands transform their product, CX, social, digital through strategy and insights. Her experience working as a journalist and editor, and flair for storytelling, makes her uniquely placed to deliver the kind of CX that results in strong, measurable, repeatable customer outcomes. Kat is a senior leader with extensive experience in EX and mentoring. During the past 17 years she has managed large, cross-functional digital, content, social, community and brand teams and departments of up to 30. And co-led Transformation projects of 50+. She has extensive experience in the social space and maintains that social channels will soon supersede web browsers as the most popular first point of entry into the internet, for users across the globe.


Building a Content Focused Brand

Generating content that is relevant to your audience is easy; delivering unique content that actually serves its needs is significantly more difficult. That requires a content strategy. This talk will review the basics for building an audience-focused content strategy.

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