Karthik Murugan

Karthik Murugan has more than 20 years of experience as an IT professional and has worked with the number of senior roles across different sectors. Karthik shares the passion for innovation in data and analytics fields. In his current role as Head of Customer Value Analytics, Karthik has been working with leading technologies like AI, cognitive computing and advanced analytics, providing customer centric solution.

With over 15 years’ experience within data and analytics space, he is passionate about how data as a core can enable businesses to create a differentiating customer eco system, giving organisation an irreplaceable competitive advantage. Karthik was integral part of key strategic customer initiative at Qantas focused on delivering improved customer experience by applying real-time advance analytics solution.

Karthik believes that data is the biggest asset for any business, in a rapidly changing economy where business demands and competitions are constantly being challenged using data to create a remarkable customer experience is a key to success.


Creating Data Driven Customer Ecosystem

by Head of Customer Analytics, Capgemini

How to Create Data Driven Customer Eco System

Every company has some form of digital transformation activities in progress, while some are more advanced than others. In this era of continuous changes in technology landscape, data is constant that all enterprises (small, medium to large) must tackle in their journey. The most common challenge is, to keep up with their competitors by providing key differentiator factor and to build sustainable business model. The differentiating factors needs to be something that cannot be easily replicated by the competitor. Providing unique customer experience is the answer that will help business to retain and grow their customer bases. Considering “Amazon Go” where the retail industry and customer journey is transformed. Customer expectations are being reset with the shopping experience in store. Data plays a crucial role in creating a Customer Eco System for businesses to have this differentiating factor. Typical customer journey phases can be classified as Explore, Buy, Use, Ask and Engage. At each of this phases business are presented with opportunities to retain and provide customers with personalised and contextualised service offering. Using data and applying advanced analytics solutions like AI, deep learning and real-time analytics helps understanding the customer needs and engage them in more meaningful way. This presentation aims to provide guidance on how the customer eco system is built across different industries in creating a customer and digital transformation. Audiences will get a first-hand view of the technologies and methodologies adapted by enterprises in their transformation journey. There will be focus on key learnings, critical success factors and approach to the solutions to have higher impact in producing the business outcomes. Some of the key principals that organisations are constantly being challenged in the transformation journey are time to values, adapting to changing business conditions, collaboration with cross business functions and creating innovation framework using new trending technologies. It is imperative that every customer transformation journey initiative is aligned to products and services being offered in the customer eco system. Using right actionable insight and driving event from theses insight will give businesses a competitive advantage aligning internal business functions to common objective with agility.

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