Josh Janzen

Josh is a fast-moving Data Scientist with experience in both the Retail and Healthcare industries, leveraging various cloud computing platforms. The key to Josh’s success is the ability to recognize opportunities in data and the skills to capitalize from start to finish. Josh brings an entrepreneurial approach to Data Science, yet in tune with organizational goals and aspirations.


In Four Simple Steps, ETL Clickstream to Data Product APIs

Many organizations use Clickstream for reporting but struggle to turn that data into valuable Data Products and production-ready ML models. Thanks to Apache Spark and Cloud Computing, it’s not as daunting task as you may think. I’m going to cover in detail a recipe for you to take your Clickstream, explore it, ETL into a cloud platform, then create/publish data products into a REST API for consumption. This approach is designed to be nimble and iterative, with no back-end engineering needed.

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