Joerg Aumueller

In his role as Global Product Manager for Artificial Intelligence Solutions at Siemens Healthineers, Germany, Joerg Aumueller is in charge of introducing quantitative imaging solutions into the market. His work focuses on the benefits of Artificial Intelligence for value-based healthcare increasing the effectiveness of care while lowering costs through automation and standardization. Joerg Aumueller earned his diploma in business administration with the focus on business informatics from Georg-Simon-Ohm University of applied sciences Nuremberg, Germany. Prior to his current role, he held a variety of Healthcare IT related product management positions at Siemens Healthcare and consulting companies.


Deep Imaging: Quantitative Biomarkers for Clinical Decision Making

The transformation towards value-based healthcare needs inventive ways to lower cost and increase patient health outcomes. Artificial Intelligence is vital for realizing value-based care. Turning medical images into biomarkers helps to increase effectiveness of care. In this presentation, Joerg will introduce how AI helps to increase diagnostic accuracy, drives efficiency and productivity by enabling automation and standardization, and the transformation from traditional machine learning to deep learning. The use cases in healthcare also can lend insights to AI applications in other business sections.

Global Product Manager,Siemens

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