Jesse Lybianto

Jesse Lybianto is on a mission to optimize the human capital resourcing process in Indonesia through the utilization of data science. He is currently building Ekrut; a platform that connects, curates and match quality jobseekers and career opportunities. He graduated with a Bachelor's in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison before working at an Intel's memory manufacturing facility as a Process Engineer/Owner in the plasma etching division. Learning the importance of data tracking, experimentation and machine learning in automation, artificial intelligence, and scale he continued to pursue a Master's in Data Science from Northwestern University before returning to Indonesia.


Panel Discussion: How should business data scientists get ready for the AI challenges?

This discussion will assemble the leading data scientists and technologists who work in the forefront of applying data science to solving actual problems in the business world. They will have a thorough and in-depth discussion about: - What are the challenges posed by the arrival of AI technologies to business? - How to prepare the team to embrace these changes and challenges? - Will a right data culture help to grasp the opportunities? And many more...

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