Jason Tang

Jason is taking the leading role of teams to strategise, build, borrow & buy growth In technology and engineering sectors at MANN+HUMMEL.

MANN+HUMMEL is a leading global expert for filtration and purification solutions.

MANN+HUMMEL Intelligent Air Solutions offers a comprehensive range of air filtration and purification products and services with the latest in Internet-of-Things and digital technologies. Our solutions are helping our customers to know, improve and manage better air in offices, buildings, healthcare, cleanrooms, factories, power generation, marine.


Self-Reinvention Through Data and IoT

by VP, Intelligent Air Solutions, MANN+HUMMEL

IoT is changing the world of filtration, altering the very nature of the business. Today, MANN+HUMMEL is evolving beyond the basics of filtration, creating connected filtration systems, adding value wherever possible, while also striving to make the world a cleaner place. MANN+HUMMEL VP Jason Tang provides the insight on digitalisation and self-evolvement through data and IoT.

Improving Our Air Through Bits & Bytes

Poor indoor air is a global problem, and not only at places with outdoor pollution. A poor indoor environment negatively impacts our productivity, and business leaders’ efforts in the war for talent. Combining IoT and Big Data technologies with deep expertise in air purification can create great solutions to achieve better indoor air. Physical indoor spaces could be managed like digital spaces, enabling us to Know, Improve and Manage for better air.

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