Jamshed Wadia

A proven marketing leader with an ability to articulate a marketing vision, strategy or an idea that has clear tie backs to business goals. An ability to thrive in challenging and fast paced environments that require nimble thinking, quick decision making and results orientated mindset. A unique blend of 20 years of marketing and sales experience, with expertise spanning across digital marketing, partner marketing, product marketing, channel marketing and sales management. At present, Jamshed is leading the Digital Transformation for Intel APJ as Director of Digital Marketing & Media. Managing a team of senior digital and marketing specialists that are dedicated to building amazing customer experiences across digital content, paid advertising, web platforms, social platforms, coupled with a robust marketing technology stack and activated by real time insights.


The Use of Data & Technology in Digital Transformation

by, Director, Digital Marketing & Media, Intel

Today’s businesses are undergoing a digital transformation. The Internet of Things (IoT) is making smart homes, smart factories, and smart cities possible. Autonomous vehicles are changing the transportation industry. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are enabling predictive approaches to decision making and driving business insights.

Jamshed will discuss how this digital transformation that is sweeping industries by storm would not be possible without data. Data is the enabler of new technologies and solutions. Data is where important and actionable business insights are derived.

Panel Discussion- The Digital Transformation Journey & The Rise of Chatbots

Digital Transformation Director, AXA Vice President, A + E Networks Managing Director, JollyChic Director, Digital Marketing & Media, Intel

In this discussion, these digital leaders will discuss the necessity to execute change within the context of an end vision, how their companies were willing to take risks to achieve the growth that they did and what new trends are expected in the ever-changing world of marketing. They will also discuss the rise of chatbots and the future of messenger apps in the world of marketing.

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