Hien Luu

Hien is greatly experienced in designing and building big data applications and scalable web-based applications. Hien has 3+ years in expertise in managing multiple data infrastructure related projects.


Growth and User Engagement Empowered by Machine Learning - A Case Study of LinkedIn’s Recommender System

by Hien Luu, Engineering Manager, LinkedIn

Recommender systems are considered one of the classic Machine Learning and Big Data applications. They are tremendously useful in introducing products or information to users in a personalized manner whilst enhancing user satisfaction and loyalty. LinkedIn has incorporated recommender systems in building high-value and highly engaged data products since its early days. Now, almost all LinkedIn product lines have a recommender system in its product folio such as job recommendations, people and companies to follow, and courses to take. This talk will share high level glimpses into these recommender systems, the techniques used, and the challenges in building, deploying and operating them at scale.

Workshop: Structured Streaming and Spark Machine Learning

This presentation will explain the role of Spark in developing scalable machine learning and analytics applications with Cloud technologies. With Hien's guidance, you will discover the basic ideas on how to use Spark SQL for structured data; and learn stream processing and build real-time applications with Spark Structured Streaming. Furthermore, you’ll learn the fundamentals of Spark ML for machine learning and much more.

We hope this workshop will help you to get equipped with the fundamentals to become proficient in using Apache Spark and know when and how to apply it to your big data applications.

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