Henrik Petander

Henrik Petander received his PhD in Computer Science in 2007 from Helsinki University of Technology. After 10 years in computer science research at Data61, he joined Incoming Media as a cofounder. Incoming Media was a mobile video company funded by Warner Music, Intel Capital, and other investors and served media companies in the US, Australia and Philippines. He helped the company build its machine learning algorithms and protect the intellectual property rights for them. Incoming Media was acquired in 2018 by OVO, where Henrik is currently working as the chief data scientist.


Incoming Media: Lessons from Building an AI Based Startup

  • Incoming service: preload videos that users love onto their phones, and notify them at the perfect moment to engage them with customer apps
  • Use AI for choosing videos and finding the perfect moment
    • AI based services can have a virtuous cycle : more data -> better service -> more customers -> more data
  • How to get started, no data, no AI, no customers
  • How Incoming approached this
  • Challenges in applying AI across client apps
  • Technical and business lessons learned

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