Hemanth Prabakaran

Hemanth is currently Head of Data, Business Integration & Analytics, at Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore. He has over 14 years of experience in enterprise data management, technology strategy and architecture, helping organisations re-organise to meet the demands of a rapidly changing business landscape. Hemanth is a data enthusiast who enjoys putting his skills to work to visualise big data, extract actionable insights, and create meaningful narratives. He has helped to design and implement advanced data analytics projects at companies including Standard Chartered Bank, Credit Suisse, and Maersk Line.


COOgle – Analytics for Everyone

With more than 1,200 branches across 70 countries, it’s critical for senior leadership at Standard Chartered Bank to be empowered with the data and insights needed to run on business. They need to fully understand their operational data, but they often lack the right insights. Tapping the enormous volume of data to improve operations is both a blessing and a curse. Getting the insight from the data can dramatically reduce costs and operate more efficiently. Conversely, if we cannot get insight from data, then we are making business decisions on a fraction of the information available to us.

Advancements in Big Data, Self-Service Analytics, Natural Language Processing (NLP) is key to solving this challenge and SCB has started to provide end users with this technology. Today, with the help of NLP integrated with the organisation’s data lakes, the company’s executives can simply ask for data and information and receive answers audibly, no clicks required.

Attend this session to learn how SCB:

-Built a business data lake solution that leverages Big data technology to centralise operational data

-Is transforming the user experience for data insights with Self-Service Analytics

-Uses Natural language to empower end users to find answers with no clicks required

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