Frank Ravanelli

Frank Ravanelli is the Head of Affiliates, Asia & EMEA, for the Swedish beauty and luxury brand FOREO, that since 2017, has been selling one product every 3 seconds, with the company totalling over $1 billion in sales per year. Frank has been in eMarketing since 1995, and in affiliate marketing since 1999. After being the fifth employee of an Internet startup, that went from $0 to over $108 million in value in less than 2 years, he continued his career in performance marketing in London, USA, Estonia and Canada. He managed the affiliate programs of leading USA eCommerce and SaaS Corporations, before specialising in performance marketing for luxury and beauty. He is a regular speaker at affiliate marketing conferences around the world, always on the move due to the global scale of his work. With writing as a pastime, he is finishing his third book, that shows how the same principles that inspired the Italian Renaissance can be applied to business, marketing, design, partnerships, relationships, and life in general. So each person can create her/his own masterpiece, for the benefit of all.


Belt & Road Initiative Meets Affiliate Marketing

by Frank Ravanelli, Head, Affiliate Marketing, FOREO

Frank will present eight approaches, including Hybrid Influencer Marketing, to ensure success in Affiliate Marketing to both affiliates who want to grow their business, and brands who want to grow their affiliate program, so they can benefit from the harmonious geopolitics of eCommerce. He will discuss the positive effects of the BRI through the countries it connects, how innovations like payment apps are spreading, and how to succeed in eCommerce in such countries through affiliate marketing.

Fireside Chat: Global Performance Marketing Trends

Leading digital marketers give an insight into what trends to look out for when it comes to marketing.

Head of Affiliate Marketing, Foreo Global Strategy Division,

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