Fahad Shah

Fahad is leading the Machine Leaning transformation work as Distinguished Research Scientist at HP now.

Fahad is good at developing higher level analysis, thinking out-of-the-box, developing customer & business perspective, using machine learning and data mining on big data in cross-functional multi-tier environments. He helps to create vision & drive future goals by demonstration and simplification whether its presenting key insights to high-level management in organisational meetings or developing tools and prototypes. Fahad has 6 years of graduate research and over 4 years of college teaching experience, plus 10 years of professional product development experience (including 9 product cycles and startup experience at Microsoft as well as outside).


Machine Learning Drives Smart Devices Services

by Distinguished Research Scientist, HP

HP Inc. is at the forefront when it comes to technology solutions and devices for Printing and Imaging systems and leading vendor of Personal Computers in the world, across customer segments from individual to enterprise. The 3D Printers from HP show glimpse of what’s possible with the 4th Industrial revolution and is at the cutting edge of our Print device portfolio. Similarly the Device-as-Service (DaaS) and Smart device Services (SDS) demonstrate the state-of-art in managed software solutions for the enterprise in PC and Print world. In this talk, we are going to look at how Machine Learning and Data Science is being used to drive these (and other) innovations at HP, transforming the way we incubate, manufacture and maintain our devices throughout their lifetime and how the company is transitioning to the services view of the device world and what the future holds.

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