Fabio Tambosi

A former Division I student athlete in soccer at Clemson University, born in Brazil, Fabio is a modern marketer building and growing brands in today's fast- changing digital landscape. His experience includes entrepreneurship as well as playing on the fields of some of the most iconic brands such as IBM, Nokia and Nike. Also, serving as a Board Member and an Adjunct Professor at the Clemson University's Erwin Centre for Brand Communications. With a twelve-months non-compete, he is currently honouring the agreement and preparing to start his new role at adidas in Germany.


The Future of Content Marketing is Now: Build an emotional brand by powering your stories with a Digital Mindset

by Senior Director, Brand Communications, adidas (honouring non-compete)

Consumers like you are no longer just consuming. They are creators, producers and conspirators of global brands. Digital has accelerated the evolution of marketing from interruptions to connections and real relationships. Today, people live in communities and tribes. The idea of collaboration seems to be at the heart of the new era of marketing. As a result, content plays a critical role in building emotional connections with your audience and it is a powerful tool for meaningful storytelling. Giving consumers a strong sense of belonging, becoming advocates and a powerful voice for your brand.

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