Evan Tanotogono

Evan Tanotogono is the Head of Digital Channel at Sequis, spearheading company initiatives of building competitive advantages through disruptive digital innovation. He has been experimenting some ideas to revolutionise digital selling of insurance in Indonesia, such as the utilisation of conversational transaction interface. Prior to entering the Insurance industry, Evan was the Senior Lead at Tokopedia, heading the business team for Marketplace Category, during which he was involved in pioneering the big 'Ramadan Ekstra' campaign. He was accountable for defining strategy roadmap for each category, supporting business partnerships, and transforming team capabilities to become data-driven and analytics-enabled. His accountability also includes initiating platform enhancements, such as channel personalisation and monetisation strategy, as well as setting up business operations to ensure seamless execution. Evan had also spent a few years at The Boston Consulting Group, focusing on People & Organisation, Operations, and Strategy topics. In addition to his specialisation in Industrial Goods, his experience includes supporting strategic digital transformation for a Malaysian leading media company. Evan holds a Masters Degree in Instrumentation & Control Engineering from the Institute of Technology Bandung, Indonesia. During his free time, Evan enjoys oil painting, music composing, cooking and miniature modelling.


Choosing the Best Digital Channel for Your Business

It is very important that your brand and business establish and maintain a very strong online presence to be competitive enough to reach out to targeted audiences. Traditional marketing rules does not necessarily apply in current scenarios. However, there are new markets and new doors of opportunities made available – that are only accessible through digital marketing channels. But with several Internet marketing tools available, which among these tools are the best and are worthy enough to focus on while they bring you steps closer to your business goals?

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