Eric Tian

Eric runs Marketing, PR, Strategic Partnership and Advertising Commercialization, city marketing and international marketing. Prior to Mobike, Eric was Partner of “nice” which is biggest photo social APP in China. Eric led as Director of Marketing Partnership at Wechat,ran brand marketing at Nike,worked in the USA and China for different roles for Li-Ning. Eric spent over 17 years in consumer goods and internet companies, in 4 different cities in the world.


The Unbelievable Growth Journey of Mobike & Its Feasibility Cross Industry

by Eric Tian, Vice President, Marketing, Mobike

From internet companies to consumer goods companies, growth is one of the hottest topics. With Mobike growing to its first 20 million daily transactions in 11 months, Eric will share some lessons behind this unbelievable growth journey. Drawing on his previous experience in traditional consumer goods companies, he will abstract methodologies from across industries for the audience.

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