Eric Thain

Eric Thain is the General Manager of HK Express, overseeing all aspects of brand, marketing, digital, social media & PR for HK Express. As the modern chief marketer, Eric led the step-up efforts across the whole corporation in this accelerating pace of change in response to evolving consumer behavior, with a wide range of potential new priorities, including shaping the company’s public profile, manage complexity, and building new capabilities.

Eric is a hybrid experienced business leader with profound mixed discipline experience in developing Integrated Marketing Strategies and leading Digital Transformation projects across APAC (including a decade of in-market experience in China).

Eric is also President of Artificial Intelligence Society of Hong Kong, pushing the role & integration of AI in the modern brand space. He also sits on the Board of Advisors in various Marketing Associations, advising issues that affect the marketing industry. Eric is a recipient of numerous personal & team awards in marketing, including APAC Brand Communicator of The Year.


Unlocking Data Currency with AI

by Eric Thain, General Manager - Brand Management, HK Express

Enterprises have data. Lots of data. When talking about Intelligent Automation, data is the core issue we should weave together. Releasing the value of the data that sits across various business operations is becoming the focus to fuel digital transformation, create monetisation opportunities, improve customer experience and reshape industries. Predictive analytics based on machine learning capabilities identifies and understands patterns among massive data streams and determines the right time frames for certain actions. In this presentation, we take a look at how Eric uses AI driven data analytics to help business unlock the potential of data by processing internal, external, multi-points and unstructured data, across the whole. By crunching the right type of data with the right approach of intelligent automation, it connects the dots and deliver actionable consumer insights to brand that drives bottom lines ROI.

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