Ean Mikale

Ean Mikale is an author, speaker, inventor, and currently Lead Developer of Infinite 8 Aeronautics. The purpose of Infinite 8 Aeronautics, an Infinite 8 Institute company, is to conduct the research and development of drone technology. The mission of the firm is to design solutions for the integration of drone technology into human society. The organisation was founded in 2016 by Ean Mikale. The organisation focuses on three areas of drone technology: education, app development, and drone racing.


Artificial Emotional Intelligence: The Thoughtful Integration of A.I. into Human Society

by Founder & Lead Developer, Infinite 8 Aeronautics

This presentation aims to evaluate the question of how to best integrate A.I. into human society to maximize A.I., utility, acceptance, and assimilation into human society if endowed with the ability to understand human emotion.

The word “robot” was coined by the Czech writer Karel Capek, who penned a play entitled, “R.U.R., for Rossum’s Universal Robots. Deriving the word from the Czech word “robota,” meaning “drudgery” or “servitude”, Capek used “robot” to refer to a race of artificial humans who replace human workers in a futurist dystopia. As we integrate Artificial Intelligence into robots and other autonomous systems, what will the relationship between man and machine be? How will machines understand the human experience? How will humans work alongside machines? And how will the human race come to empathize and understand the plight of a future race of automated beings?

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