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Dominique Touchaud

Dominique has 20+ years’ experience in global branding, customer engagement and business development. He is recognised for his extensive knowledge and achievements in Asia, Latin America (LA) and Europe where he led significant change management projects, product development and whitespace market launches. He is known for successes in designing and implementing customer engagement activities and growth strategies that use state of the art online and offline techniques, in addition to organising high-performing teams and developing wide-ranging training plans. Over the years, he has gained a reputation for thriving on delivering outstanding results, organising turnaround strategies and building relationships through well-honed EQ and Cultural empathy. He is passionate about the impact of culture on business and the redefinition of brand experiences.

Upcoming talks

Fireside Chat: Localizing your Global Brand - How To Get It Right

We are all familiar with international brands such as Nike and KFC. Brands that have one set of values to communicate with their consumers - One vision, one logo, one famous tagline. Wherever we go in the world, their identity is instantly recognisable. But it is essential to remember that these companies don’t just enter foreign markets without thinking about their impact on the local culture as well as the influence of the local culture on them. To ensure that their brand resonates with local markets, they adopt localisation strategies by adapting their products or content to a specific region or culture.

This session will provide you with tips on how to implement a successful marketing & localisation strategy, to ensure your brand expands globally whilst really connecting with local markets. Attend this chat to hear from two industry leaders from renowned brands and get their unique perspectives on how to grow your global presence.

  • How to enter a new market and make a good first impression
  • How to find your brand voice in localization
  • Localizing the customer journey
  • Best strategies to connect with local consumers and build trust
  • Finding the balance between standardization and localization of web content when tapping into international markets

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