Dhruv Sahi

Co-founder & CEO of Reboot.AI, Hong Kong's premier AI & ML solutions provider. Dhurv isa data scientist and machine learning engineer with experience transforming analytics department for startups and multinationals. Dhruv's expertise include building custom models, assembling interactive dashboards, and deploying enterprise scale solutions so that business leaders can make the most of data. Dhruv is also a IoT and smart cities enthusiast with degrees in Mathematics and Economics and is always looking to use data warehousing, model creation, cloud computing (AWS), and workflow automation to solve high value problems.


How to Transform Analytics Department for Startups and Multinationals

Dhruv is the Co-Founder and CEO at Reeboot.ai and will be sharing the premier AI skills and machine learning solutions to help individuals, companies alike train, build, and deploy to prepare for the Data Economy.

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