Delphine Guesnon

My main mission is to drive EU eBay sales & revenue by delivering sales & marketing CRM automation to manage all professional sellers in Europe who generate most of eBay Europe turnover. Managing a team of 40+ people across ebay and Deloitte Digital across Sfdc development, AI, change management to drive business transformation.


Analytics: Any Data At Scale With EBay

Discover the future of Analytics at scale. Join us as we introduce you to the Einstein Analytics Data Platform product roadmap, joined by customer trailblazer eBay. See how analysts can prepare and query data on a large number of rows. Learn how eBay is shattering data volume records while serving users across all Europe on the Einstein Analytics platform. By combining large scale data from external systems with Salesforce Sales Cloud information, eBay can provide contextual insights right where their user can take action.

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