Dany Krivoshey

I make numbers speak.

Expert in delivering business performance via building great teams, implementing disruptive business models, driving digital transformation and analytics-into-actions approach. I help the organizations to make better choices and to focus on the value that delivers profitable and sustainable growth. I have managed Cross-functional teams globally. Have broad experience in strategy, performance & analytics, commercials, controls, procurement, and supply chain. I have managed growth in key strategic markets including China, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, and the US.


Taking Analytics into Action - Linking the Dots via StoryTelling with Data

Storytelling with Data is addressing the growing industry need for practical analytical knowledge and efficient communication. Powerful visualization platforms, such as Tableau and Power BI are used to translate the information into meaningful insights. The story is there to link the insights to actions.

  1. What is Storytelling with Data
  2. Importance of context and right questions
  3. Landing the story, long or short - key strategies

Panel Discussion: Bringing the Power of Data to Financial Planning

Gaining significant cost advantages not only calls for the adoption of advanced data technologies, but also data mindsets for financial leaders. In this panel, CFOs from different industries will share with us their data approaches in financial planning. What are the merits and pain points? What kind of data people and analysts can best serve the needs of financial planning? What are their attitude and foresights on predictive financial planning empowered by rapidly growing machine learning and AI technologies?

Confirmed panel speakers include:

  • CFO, MTU Asia, Rolls Royce Power System

  • CFO, Asia Pacific, BCD Travel

  • CFO, Wipro Consumer Care

  • Former CFO, Singapore, HSBC

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