Daniel Hulme

Daniel is the CEO of Satalia, a London-based company that provides Artificial Intelligence (AI) inspired solutions to solve industries hardest problems. He is also the Director of UCL’s Business Analytics MSc, applying AI to solve business and social problems. Daniel has a Masters and Doctorate in AI from UCL, lecturing in Computer Science and Business, and is passionate about how technology can be used to govern organisations and bring positive social impact.

He also is a popular public speaker specialising in the topics of Philosophy, Technology, Innovation and Organisational Design. He is a serial TEDx speaker and a faculty member of Singularity University.Daniel is the co-founder of the ASI and has Advisory and Executive positions in many companies. He holds an international Kauffman Global Entrepreneur Scholarship and actively promotes positive entrepreneurship and technology innovation across the globe.


AI and the Future of Business

Daniel will outline a framework for understanding data-driven decision making. He will discuss what AI is and is not, as well as identifying the future challenges and opportunities for AI, and how and why enterprise needs to embrace these emerging technologies.

by Director, Business Analytics MSc,UCL & CEO,Satalia

MasterClass: Why AI will disrupt everything and How should you be ready?

It seems that talk of Artificial Intelligence is everywhere at the moment. With dire warnings from the likes of Professor Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk about the potential apocalyptic threat of smarter than human machines, to a growing number of real world examples of AI being used to radically improve business.

This workshop provides an opportunity to come to grips with what AI means for business and society, in small group conversation with one of the world's leading experts. Find out how your business can benefit from implementing AI and algorithms to drive a new wave of business intelligence capability. Gain a practical framework to help your organisation leverage this game changing technology for real competitive advantage.

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