Carsten Schleicher

Carsten is a result-driven Senior Manager with 12+ years of experience in Business Intelligence. He has large experience in Business Intelligence interacting extensively with both IT and Business personnel. He is specialised in Business Intelligence, Business Intelligence Strategy, Analytics, Learning Strategy, Learning Methodologies & Concepts, Process Re-engineering, Global Information Management, etc.


Harnessing Big Data & Machine Learning into Advanced Analytics

This session will present Tetra Pak’s journey harnessing big data and machine learning into its advanced analysis. It shows how certain BI development was transferred into the Business and how it is supported in a sustainable way. The audience will learn how Tetra Pak defines TDD, establishes the process and identifies the benefits, as well as how TDD is rolled out into the business. The session will highlight how the BI Learning Strategy supports the deployment of TDD and how user engagement was achieved.

by Senior Area Manager, Business Information Management,Tetra Pak

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