Carly Brown Buxton

Carly is the evangelist for the power of data in decision making. She leads the qualitative and quantitative market research and user research, and is a specialist in collecting secondary and primary research and distilling it into actionable insights. Carly has rich experience with focus groups, in-person interviews, remote interviews, usability testing, ethnography, card sorting, analytics, and more.


Where Data Meets Action

How can data people implement strategy work? As Director of Market Insights for EF Education First, Carly leads market research and user research, uncovering actionable insights and putting data to work. In this talk, Carly shares best practices in how to motivate cross-functional teams to apply insights in ways that move the business forward.

I. Introduction: Familiar formats of how we receive information

II. A challenge for data scientists, quant/qual research teams: how to impart our insights across the company, to compel people to take action

III. This is a barrier that it often feels like we should not cross (data people should not be salesmen); here’s why we should

IV. Examples of putting data to work

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