Candace Cheung

Candace is responsible for direction and execution for cross border trade functions with all eBay global sites’ deals & promotions, representing all Asia Pacific eBay merchants. She is leading a team of merchandising specialists and developing strategies like creating promotion opportunities, enhancing supply chain, in order to drive revenue growth for eBay Asia Pacific merchants with those key markets like America, Australia, Frites (France, Italy & Spain), GBH, Germany, UK, etc). Candace also provides marketing strategies and initiatives for Hong Kong region like education seminar, CEO Summit for eBay Merchants communities. Prior to eBay, Candace worked at the Economist Intelligent Unit as Senior Business Development Manager and Wall Street Journal where she developed business opportunities with Government units or Fortune 500 Corporate using data and custom research to understand and formulate business strategy for their business development.


Foreseeing the Ecommerce Marketing Trends With the Aid of Big Data

by Candace Cheung, Senior Manager, Strategic Marketing, eBay

Candace will focus on the role of eCommerce, its trends and how to use big data to manage your inventory and ROI.

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