Brice Richard

Brice is the Digital Planning Lead at ARUP. He has accumulated rich experience in smart cities, analytics, strategy formulation and digital planning from International Monetary Fund, International Finance Corporation, and Samsung SDS.


Big Data in Smart Cities - Making the Invisible Visible

The idea of a Smart City is a not a new one. Early attempts at creating a centrally-managed, connected urban center date back a couple decades. Yet, the meaning and scale and complexity of Smart Cities have radically changed since the idea first took flight, not least because disruptive technologies have enabled brand new applications. At the core of every modern metropolis now sits a central question: what data can be generated across large urban areas, and how can it be harnessed to realize the dream of a truly Smart City? Brice Richard, lead Digital Planner for ARUP Singapore, will explore these questions.

Director, Smart Cities,ARUP

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