Bipasha Minocha

Bipasha looks after the brand and marketing portfolio of the EtonHouse Group, that runs K-12 schools in 11 countries with 100 schools around the world. She started her career in digital marketing at a time when digital was akin to ‘dark social’ and has been a digital marketing evangelist since. Having worked in India, Hong Kong and Singapore in the brand and marketing function, she is passionate about all things digital and believes that data can be used to fundamentally reinvent existence. In her current role at EtonHouse, she has spearheaded the transformation of the brand and has been instrumental in nurturing new brands that have led to disruption in the international education space.


Branding in the New Normal - Our Digital Transformation Story

Non-linear consumer behaviour and constantly changing algorithms require new thinking.

Creating unified top and bottom of the funnel messaging and strategy - our digital transformation story integrating data silos in a traditional business setup

Back in 2011, roughly 150 marketing technology solutions were in the market. Today, the growth of this sector and it’s options are staggering. How did we create our own hierarchy using tools that align with our strategy and what’s next for us?

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