Bima Tjahja

Bima Tjahja is a Data Science and Technology specialist. He started his career at as a data scientist to then lead a team data professionals in Commonwealth Bank Australia. After 11 years in Australia, he decided to go back home to Indonesia and joined Bukalapak as the Associate Vice President of Data. He is focuses on utilizing Bukalapak's rich data assets to create data driven insights, visualization and machine learning products.

Upcoming talk

High Speed Data Product Delivery with DataOps

Some businesses see data science and analytics as a magical solution that can help grow the business and often enough there is a difference what is expected out of the data and what is actually delivered. The best way that we can bridge this gap is setting great foundations in our data platform, processes and people. DevOps is a widely know set of principles in the software development world and how we translate this into usages for data can unlock un-tap potential. This talk will discuss the following topics create a better platform to create better data products faster and safer.

Key Points - What is a data product? - DevOps vs DataOps - What does DataOps look like - How can DataOps make an impact?

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