Anne-Marie Oxley

Anne-Marie's expertise consists in designing and implementing marketing strategies for projects entering or developing a market with a specialty in tourism and hospitality. She brings together 15 years in diverse project management of award-winning commercial and residential projects, along with unmatched experience in marketing strategy for competitive advantage. She is currently developing an innovative strategy to bring the website Jump On and Stay to a competitive position in the OTA market. She has previously worked as Project Manager for the Chinese developers Fullshare Australia bringing tourism developments to life and winning multiple awards.


Innovating Strategies to Accelerate your Business Growth

Today, we live in a society and business world where dramatic changes are constant. Some businesses have a very hard time keeping up while others are changing so fast that they ultimately crash and burn. And as anyone who has pushed themselves physically or emotionally to the limit and beyond will tell you, the preparation you engage in before the push is critical to your success.

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