Andrea Mantovani

Andrea is heading online business for Moleskine in APAC. He envisions digital experience and new technologies as the way to enrich customer journey and improve conversion online and offline. He developed online business presence for Moleskine in China bridging ecommerce into a seamless integration with retail channel. Then he leveraged China's successful business model, expanding online business in APAC. Previously, he worked for Moleskine in the Italian HQ. His design and engineering academic studies in Milan were strengthened by research and development at UNSW, in Sydney.


Panel Discussion: The Secrets Behind the Best User Acquisition Strategies

This panel will examine how to develop User Acquisition strategies including: - Analysing data, automation, personalisation, brand awareness, SEO, Vitality, Content & partnerships - Turning Users into Customers - How do we use desktop and mobile, a/b testing, social and followups, email marketing strategies to nurture leads, understand customer journeys, personalisation for conversion, deals and promotions, simplifying checkouts - How to retain and nurture customers -- Can automation help build customer relationships? Using Predictive analytics to understand customer movements and experiences, customer service strategies, and to continually listen to customers.

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