Aleksandr Kotelnikov

Aleksandr is a skilled hardware engineer with strong R&D background. He has 9 years of experience in diverse electronics engineering including 7 years of the experience devoted to FPGA and ASIC in such fields as Nuclear Physics, High-Frequency Trading and Machine Learning.

Now as the Senior Engineer with the Machine Learning Platforms Group of Advanced Digital Systems Division, his major professional interests include high-efficient deep neural network hardware solutions for video and vision applications, computer architecture & micro-architecture, algorithm optimisation for hardware implementation, digital ASIC & FPGA design.


AI Revolution in the Semiconductor Industry

by Aleksandr Kotelnikov, Senior Engineer, Machine Learning Platforms, Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute

In the last two years, we have been watching a real boom of AI chip startups and big tech companies heavily investing in their own AI hardware. Why is all this happening and where are we going? Aleksandr will discuss machine learning hardware evolution in the recent years, its impact on the semiconductor industry and future perspectives.

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